Nofel is a product of sweat and pain,of snow and rain, of falling and rising, and the euphoria experienced when pushing endurance limits. Since it has born,the name of our game has been the provision of optimal performance through functional sports Wear and accessories. For almost as long we have been an integral part of the professional word of sports.

Our expertise in designing sport-specific garments for optimal function comes largely from a long and fruitful collaboration with elite athletes across the glove. Our expertise in designing sport-specific accessories for optimal function comes largely from a long and beautiful cooperation with elite sportsmen and women from all over the world.

Their stringent demands on function and comfort drive the continued development of our design,technology and quality based on their feedback, we design our products for athletes of all levels. The world has changed a great deal since. The nofel brand has also gone through many stages over the Years. The concept however is still the same-To produce the functional sportswear for optimal performance. A good idea that will withstand the test of time.

Nofel has been a challenge for companies across the glove,our products are not only economical but they are the most innovative and functional out of all available in market. Our strong connection in far east enable us to source the right functional fabrics for the right sport and based on the temperature through out the year as well.